InVia™ confocal Raman microscope

A robust design and precision automated assemblies enable inVia to complete common tasks—such as switching laser wavelength, changing diffraction grating, and acquiring a Raman image—rapidly, simply, reliably, and without the need for manual intervention. It can produce both rich, detailed, chemical images and highly specific data from discrete points.


Verifire™ MST

Verifire™ MST laser interferometer enables precise optical metrology of multiple surfaces simultaneously, including plane parallel components with multiple reflections. The Verifire™ MST starts with the classical interferometer applications. These applications all measure the wavefront variations between two surfaces, a two-surface cavity. ZYGO has solved this problem using wavelength shifting of phase, and ZYGO's patented Fourier Transform Phase Shifting Interferometry (FTPSI). The Verifire™ MST can measure two-surface, three- and even four-surface cavities.


Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iN™10 MX

The Nicolet iN10 MX Micro Infrared Imaging Spectrometer integrates Thermo Scientific ™ OMNIC ™ Picta ™ software to quickly capture and analyze chemical images and enhance user understanding of the distribution of chemical substances in heterogeneous samples. A standard DTGS room temperature detector can be used to analyze samples as small as 50 microns without the use of liquid nitrogen, and the spatial resolution higher than 10 microns.


Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ Continuμm ™

The Thermo Scientific ™ Nicolet ™ Continuμm ™ Micro Infrared Spectrometer provides reliable spatial resolution chemical information from all types of samples; it combines high-performance infrared sampling and excellent visible microscopy into the same device.


Imager.A2m Axio ZEISS Microscope

Both Axio Scope and Axio Imager provide a high level of polarization and color neutrality in the visible range of the spectrum, thereby ensuring exceptional images and precise measurements according to industrial and other standards. The range comprises fixed and rotating polarizers for transmitted and reflected-light. In addition, it includes 360° rotating quantitative analyzers with 0.1° vernier as well as combinations with a fixed or rotating lambda plate.


EOL of KPR-200 Precision Refractometer

KPR-200 Precision Refractometer is a advanced unit which can measure a high refractive index like Nd=2.0, and a minute sample size of 3 dia. x 1t mm. The real-time monitor is installed for easy process control, and multiple light sources can be mounted for various wavelength measurement.


Form Talysurf Intra TAYLOR HOBSON

Form Talysurf Intra measurement system has reinforced Taylor Hobson’s leadership position and created a new global standard for the assessment of surface finish and form. With a full millimetre of range, a wide selection of interchangeable styli and a patented calibration routine, the Intra system is ideal for almost all high precision applications. Its features and benefits includes: 1mm vertical range / 16nm resolution, 50mm horizontal traverse, 0.40um / 50mm straightness error, 0.5um horizontal data spacing and Manual column.


UMT TriboLab

The UMT TriboLab offers higher speeds, more torque, and better force measurement than any of its predecessors or competitors, plus it introduces powerful new features for improved efficiency and ease-of-use. For broadest capabilities, eleven different force sensors from µN to kN enable an unprecedented breadth of testing. Heating chambers to 400°C or 1000°C, cooling modules to -25°C, and humidity chambers can be added at any time for a full range of environmental testing.