New Crystals

Homogeneity and heterogeneity of

Because Crystal is has lattice structure of solid, same crystal of all part particle distribution is same of, so same crystal of all part of nature is same of, this that crystal of uniform sex; same crystal lattice in the, in different of direction Shang particle of arranged General is not same of, Crystal of nature also with direction of different and has differences, this that crystal of different to sex.

Minimum energy and stability

Crystal and non-crystal of the same material, liquids and gases, with crystals

There is minimal internal energy. Crystal is a solid with lattice structure, the internal law of particle arrangement. Arranged this law of attraction and repulsion between particles is particle reaches equilibrium, so that parts of the Crystal results in the potential energy minimum.


Crystal symmetry in Crystal faces, angle and angular regularly recurring. This is because it has a regular grid structure. Is the embodiment of periodically repeated in three dimensional space. The symmetry of crystals not only in external morphology, and its internal structure is also symmetric.