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Crystals are usually rendered geometry of the rules, as if someone had deliberately produced. The internal arrangement of atoms is very structured and strict, far more neatly than the phalanx of soldiers. If any atom in the Crystal Pan along a certain direction at a distance, will be able to find the same kind of atoms. Glass, pearls, crystals such as bitumen, plastic, internal arrangement of atoms is messy. Crystal is the discovery of a new class of substances, the internal arrangement is different from Crystal, is different from the amorphous.

What kind of material can be counted as Crystal

Crystal? first, apart from the liquid crystals, crystals are generally solid. Secondly, the composition of atoms, molecules, or ions with regular, periodic arrangement of such material is crystal.

But only in appearance, it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye Crystal, non-Crystal and crystal. So, how can I identify them? an x-ray technology is the most commonly used. X-ray structure analysis of solid, you'll soon find out, crystals and non-three types of solid crystals, quasicrystals are very different.