Diffusion Bonding Crystals

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Diffusion bonded crystals 

Diffusion bonded crystal are crystals consisting of two,three or more parts with different doping, usually one laser crysta and one or two undoped crystals combined by optical contact and further bonded under high temperature.

Diffusion bonding process:

  1. Perfect optical contact between the crystals to be bonded;

  2. Heating up of the two parts very slowly , to a very high temperature, probably 2/3 of the melt temperature or more, and exerting pressure to press the two parts together;

  3. Keeping the bonded crystals for certain period of time at this high temperature, so that diffusion takes place;

  4. Slowly cooling the crystals (24 hours) down to room temperature.

Advantages of diffusion bonding crystals:

  1. High damage threshold;

  2. Improve beam quality;

  3. Decrease thermal effect;

  4. Improve efficiency;

  5. Compact size.

Standard Diffusion Bonded Crystals:

  1. Cr4+:YAG +Nd:YAG

  2. YAG + Nd:YAG + YAG

  3. Yb:YAG + YAG

  4. Yb:YAG + Cr4+:YAG

  5. YVO4 + Nd:YVO4 + YVO4

  6. V:YAG+Nd:YAG

  7. V:YAG+Yb:YAG

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