Nine mentors of the soul Crystal surface of the window large win

This is a very special of window Crystal, has huge of window mouth, on like a support wisdom of eyes, bottomless of feel, in subject Crystal column next around with a circle small Crystal column, while is double time tunnel Crystal, in window mouth next of six side type ribs surface Shang, has like Lotus bloom of pattern, very beautiful, certainly has, due to angle of reasons, didn't took that effect. Windows is very thoroughly, inside the structure, and it is the soul of the mentor, it helps regulate interpersonal relationships, family ties and the relationship between effect; there are nine-sided columns by the subject [rare, how to grow into a nine-sided surface? ], Subject six side type and next of small six side type ribs surface just formed symmetric surface, and in window mouth of right above also has a six side type ribs surface, like is a vertical up, narrow of ribs type surface, on like another a support eyes General, I not know to with what language to described it has, destined of friends, please seriously research about's!

Small selections when you connect to it, always see a screen, in a dark cave, a person keeps digging with a spade, does not know what he was digging, and there is a very bright white light in the hole.