Halide single crystals

Halide single crystal consists of fluoride single crystals, compounds of bromine, chlorine, iodine crystals, thallium halides single crystals. Fluoride single crystals in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectral region has high transmittance, low refractive index and low light reflection coefficient disadvantage is the expansion coefficient, low thermal conductivity, impact resistance properties. Bromine and chlorine compounds, iodine crystals through a wide range of infrared wavelengths, and its low melting point, easy to make large-size single crystals; disadvantage is deliquescent, low hardness, mechanical properties. Thallium halides single crystals also has a wide range of IR through the band, slightly soluble in water, and is a lower temperature using the detector window and lens material disadvantage is a creep, and heat corrosion, toxicity.