Fu technology: leading global laser crystal, steady growth of the performance

Leading global laser crystal. Companies are Fujian Institute of construction holding (holding proportion of 26.61%), the company's main products include nonlinear crystals, laser crystals, optical components (nonlinear crystals for laser frequency transformation, working media by a laser of laser crystals, optical components of Prism, lens, etc for support). Companies currently able to implement bulk commercial nonlinear optical crystals for laser frequency there are 3 main components, namely, LBO, BBO, KTP. The LBO is mainly used in high power 532nm Green laser 355nm UV and 473nm blue lasers; BBO is mainly used for wide tunable OPO laser and Ultrashort Pulse Laser, four times times the frequency 266nm and five times multiplier 213nm laser; KTP is mainly used in medium and low power 532nm laser manufacturing and near-IR OPO laser output. These three products currently on the market more than 80% per cent of nonlinear optical crystal components. Market share of the main products of the company are in first position in the world, in which linear LBO Crystal about 60%,BBO per cent global share in the world about global share of about 40% 40%,KTP Crystal, laser crystal Nd:YVO4 compared to about 30% in the world.