Crystal kind 2

In ionic crystals, electrons from one atom to another atom. Covalent Crystal atoms share their valence electrons. One end of a metal atom has a small amount of negative charge, with small amounts of positive charge on the other end. A weak gravity in place.

Technologies used to make industrial use of crystals are grown from the melt. Seeds can be used to promote the formation of crystals. In this section, the seeds landed on the containers containing molten material. Liquid cooling around the seed, it was dependent on seed. Take the seed of these new crystal molecules orientation, forming a large single crystals. Basic components of sapphires and rubies are aluminum oxide, it has a high melting point, into a container of liquid containing it is difficult. Synthetic sapphire and Ruby is made from weiernayefa (flame fusion method) are made of titanium and iron in alumina powder and a small amount of paint or chrome power, through the flame on the seeds under. Flame powder melt, then again on the seed crystal.

Diamond needs above 1600 ° c temperature and 60,000 times atmospheric pressure. Rhinestones small and black sand, suitable for industrial applications. Zone melting process for purification of Silicon in the semiconductor industry. On top of a mono vertically suspended in Silicon rods. In between heating, melting at the top of the rod, and recrystallization on the Crystal, and then move the heat slowly along the rod.