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  As we know,Er glass is the most popular laser glass nowadays.And it's diverse application make us feel convenient every day.Today we the Metalaser introduce a specific application - solid state laser rangefinder.When Er glass in ,we can see what big change it has.Please enjoy following page and contact us quickly.

er glass crystal

Er:Glass rods

er glass rods

Er:Glass glass

erbium glass rods

Er:Glass crystal

  Erbium and Ytterbium co-doped glasses, mostly of phosphate types, widely used in several different fields like dermatology laser, telecommunication, and Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). Since its excellent optical quality, high water peak region, as well as high threshold pump power, the Er:glass is bound to become a popular laser gain medium. Typically, it is the most glass material for 1535nm laser. Because of the characteristic of this wavelength, Er:glass plays an important role in the 

eye-safe laser applications.

  Laser rangefinder is one of the eye-safe laser usages and more commonly used for military use. It is made up of Er:glass solid state laser. Thanks to their high repetition rate, they are able to measure an object moving at high speeds. As for working range, this kind of laser rangefinder accurately and reliably measures objects within 40 kilometers. And there two main applications, one is multi sensor platforms for vehicles, aircraft or vessels, and border control systems. Another is fire control systems like air defense, Target Tracking, etc.

  Let us see some application in Er glass.

ER Glass solid state laser rangefinderER Glass solid state laser rangefinder
   ER:Glass solid state laser rangefinder

   ER:Glass solid state laser rangefinder

ER Glass solid state laser rangefinder

                                     ER:Glass solid state laser rangefinder

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