Free test sample application flow


1.What is the FREE TEST SAMPLE?
This sample is usually the inventory of one kind of crystals

Our purpose is that we hope more and more clients like you learn about our products, and allay your concerns of product quality, or whether this kind of product satisfying your needs. Others, we can improve products after receiving your feedback.

Sample type: Ⅰ:Valuable product, clients should pay the guarantees and send it back.
                        Ⅱ:Cheap product, no need to send it back.

2.You should apply or not?

Clients Limit:
Only the business or individual with purchase intention.
Only the universities and institution.

Products Limit:
In stock: After confirming your application form, we will deliver in a week.
Out of stock:
①  Providing substitute sample
②  Waiting until the sample complete.
③  Can’t provide because of your high request, etc.

3. Responsibility and duty
Freight: By the clients

Feedback form: To be filled after test completed

4. Caution

Sample typeⅠshould be protected without no damage.     

If the sample break down, compensation should be made only after negotiation of both parties.