Czochralski Furnace

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Technical Parameter
1. Technical specification
Effective Puller travel distance: 550 mm
Pulling rate: 0~6000 mm/h
Rotating rate: 0~40 r/min
Rising/Falling speed: 0~6000 mm/h (manual control)
Weight measurement range: >9 kg
IF generator power: 0~40 Kw (6~16 KHz)
Air filling pressure: 0~0.05 MPa
Vacuum pump: 12 L/s (mechanic pump)
Chamber size:¢600 IDx1000 mm
Overall size: 1000x1000x330 0 mm
Overall weight: ~1300 Kg
Control method: Automatic/ Manual

2. Accuracy specification
Min. pulling rate: ≤0.1 mm/h
Pulling system jump: 0.001 mm (max. value measured at pulling rate of 1mm/h)
Scale display resolution: 10 mg
IF generator controlling accuracy: 0.1%
Vacuum : ≤5 Pa

3. Environment requirement
1. Power supply: three-phase five-line, 50MHz 380v+/-10%, 50Kw
2. Mounting space height: ≥3.5m
3. The main body of this equipment should be installed on a solid floor base surrounded by vibration-isolated facilities. Vibration transmitted from outside to the equipment should be less than 5um.
4. Cooling water: de-ionized water at flow rate ≥80L/min, pressure≥0.3MPa, temperature 24+/-1.5℃, temperature fluctuation rate ≤1℃ /H;
5. Ambient temperature: 24+/-1.5℃, temperature fluctuation rate ≤1℃ /H, humidity<70%

III. Main Components




Furnace chamber size


Tailor-made service can be provided

Pulling system

Effective travel distance 550mm

Pulling motor and driver

Type 86

Rotating motor

Type 90

Electrical scale

Series AL

Measurable weight >9kg

IF power supply



Industry- oriented computer

19" liquid-crystal display



Online UPS

Mechanical pump

12 L/S

Grating / encoder

0.001 mm

Control software


IV. Technical Support
1. Offer training courses on equipment operation and installation to operator and maintenance personnel;
2. Offer training courses on equipment control and structure principles;
3. Offer training courses on how to use software;
4. Offer training courses on trouble-shooting;
5. One-year warranty;
6. Other requirements are subject to the Contract terms;
7. Offer lifetime maintenance service (cost to be paid by the buyer);

V. Supply of complete system
1. A complete set of single crystal grower (standard configuration) includes:
a.Main body: mounting rail, vacuum furnace chamber ¢600x1000mm, puller travel distance 550mm, weight measurement system , pulling and rotating motors, vacuum sealed metal bellow, encoder, a flow meter, an air pressure measurement and control unit, seed holder (OD¢8mm), centering mechanism, water flow sensor etc.
b.Control cabinet: Industry-oriented computer (19" liquid crystal display), on-line UPS power, pulling and rotating driver control, alarm system, vacuum measurement meter, encoder display, manual control box, low voltage power supplies and press keys;
c.IF generator, adapter and inductive coil;
d.Vacuum unit: 12L/S mechanical pump, vacuum valve and vacuum measurement system;

VI. Technical Document
A set of operating instruction manual should be provided by the Seller.

VII. Payment Term
40% of total amount shall be paid within 10 working days after the contract is signed by both the buyer and the seller. The balance of 60% shall be settled when pre-acceptance is completed.

VIII. Delivery, Packing & Transportation
1. Delivery time: The Contract will become effective when down payment is received by the Seller. Delivery shall be effected within 4 months after the contract becomes effective. The date on which pre-acceptance is completed at Seller's site shall be regarded as the date of delivery.

2. Packing & transportation:
The equipment shall be packed in strong non-solid wood cases suitable for hoisting and long distance transportation by road, rail, air or sea. Rust &moisture proof, proof and anti-vibration measures shall be applied to the packages. The components of equipment are packed according to relative standards. Details of packing list are included.

IX. Acceptance
Acceptance will be conducted at both the Seller’s site (pre-acceptance) and the Buyer’s site (final acceptance).  



Projected Spec



Basic Specification

Effective travel distance of upper puller

550 mm

IF generator power


full power 40kw

Scale measurement range


Furnace chamber size


Mechanical pump





as specified in Contract


Pulling system jump


as per jump value  measured with dial indicator(at 1mm/h pulling rate)

IF resolution


as per fluctuation of fixed power

Scale display


as per min. display value on the scale

Vacuum limit

≤5Pa(with empty furnace)

as per measurement result with  vacuum gauge

Min. pulling rate


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